Custom Engraved Cheeseboards - American Oak

  • $70.00

Laser engrave your own chopping board to to create a unique gift or statement piece for your home. Pricing includes design and the options for customisation are endless! American Hard maple is a sustainably sourced pale timber that strong and solid - it's resistant to marks and cuts, making it the perfect base material for your customised chopping board. These boards are lovingly hand cut and sanded and are hand finished with a food safe wood oil.

Dimensions: 280 x 215 x 27mm approx
Please note that each board is hand cut and sanded to an approximate size and just like no tree is the same, each board created is unique will have it's own individual knots and grain patterns!

Sustainably Sourcing Reference: The wood used to make these boards has been sustainably sourced in from a reputable member of the New Zealand Timber Importers Association (NZTIA). NZTIA have implemented a Rainforest Policy which aims to promote the fastest, most practical progress towards environmentally and socially sound management of rainforests worldwide. A full copy of the Rainforest policy can be found on the NZTIA website

Care Instructions: 

  • Clean your board in warm soapy water (handwash only)
  • Dry with tea towel/paper towel and leave your board standing upright to allow for all round air drying. 
  • Store in a dry place
  • Re-oil the board as required with any food safe oil (Tung oil, Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil etc)

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