Customised Reusable Bag

  • $16.00

Have a great idea for your reusable shopping bag or want to give a gift that is meaningful and will actually get used?

Save the environment and make a statement at the same time with a customised reusable canvas bag! This mid-range bag doesn't break the bank but doesn't feel 'cheap'. It's long lasting, durable and can be used to carry your shopping without the worry of it breaking - ideal!

Bag dimensions are 38cm(w) X 36cm(h) X 9.5cm(g) and this bag is made out of Calico Cotton and has a 9.5cm gusset so you can fit more in your day to day shopping. These bags are 100% biodegradable canvas bags and are procured from manufacturers who are SEDEX Certified - meaning your bag is a fair trade!

Select your choice of black, white or silver glitter and put your customised message into the note section below and I'll send you a proof before we get this printed.

Working together to save the planet, one less plastic bag at a time!