Dog Lovers Reusable Bag - Your own Dog, On a Bag!

  • $29.00

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Whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friend, never had a dog!

This bag is a dog lovers dream! Provide me a photo of your beloved pooch and I will turn it into a piece of art that you can carry with you everywhere. This is also a great idea for a gift for someone who adores their dog - you'd be barking mad not to bag this idea straight away! 

The bag is long lasting, durable and can be used to carry your shopping without the worry of it breaking! Bag dimensions are 38cm(w) X 36cm(h) X 9.5cm(g) and this bag is made out of Calico Cotton and has a 9.5cm gusset so you can fit more in your day to day shopping. These bags are 100% biodegradable canvas bags and are procured from manufacturers who are SEDEX Certified - meaning your bag is a fair trade!

Working together to save the planet (and love dogs), one less plastic bag at a time!